MongoDB - 1. Installation on windows

Please follow the below steps to install mongoDB on windows -

1. Download setup from the following download link

2. Run setup to create client-server architecture

3. Start client to connect to server

4. Run queries to verify proper installation

We are done now with the installation of the mongoDB. It is working fine now on our machine but as I was working on MS SQL server and Oracle, I used to studio provided by them which makes lots of work easier. So, Robomongo does the same job for us. Let's install Robomongo. Please follow the below steps to make Robomongo working on your machine.

1. Download robomongo from below link

2. Install and open robomongo

3. Connect to mongoDB with Robomongo

4. Run queries

That's it! We are now ready to play with MongoDB. Please follow my next post to run some basic queries inside mongoDB.

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